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At Bullhorn Creative we believe that strong brands stand for something. Using our simple, versatile process, we uncover those values through conversations, research, and strategy; then we bring them to life with language and design. The result is compelling – regardless of the project scope or industry vertical. We do good work for good people.



Current Sustainable Practices

Transportation Efficiency

  • Through a partnership with local non-profit Broke Spoke, Bullhorn has provided each employee with the opportunity to get a free bike that they can use to commute to work.
  • Employees are provided with secure bicycle parking areas during work hours, and free bike maintenance classes have helped the firm maintain their fleet of employee-powered vehicles.
  • Telecommuting option available for employees to allow for flexibility and decrease transportation related environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency

  • Daylighting plays a large role in energy efficiency as well, with the Bullhorn employees working much of the time in natural light.
  • Many of the original windows have been replaced with modern, energy-efficient models, and lights have been upgraded from incandescent bulbs to LED and fluorescents

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Recycling of electronic waste and participation in a composting program with local non-profit Seedleaf.
  • Desk side recycling bins supplied to all employees.
  • Bus stop equipped with living roof, solar panel, and gutter system to divert rainwater to underground catchment system.

Community Engagement

  • Participation in neighborhood litter cleanups such as the Downtown Trash Bash
  • Pro-bono services provided to the NoLi CDC in support of a LFUCG funded Stormwater Incentive Grant project.
  • Continued work in establishing and maintaining community gardens through partnership with Seedleaf.

Future Plans

  • Bullhorn has recently moved to a new location and is excited to begin exploring the many sustainable opportunities this new space will present. With the help of Bluegrass Greensource, Bullhorn hopes to identify these potential opportunities and establish a plan for making them a reality.

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