• Lexmark ranked 9th on CR Magazine’s Top 100 Corporate Citizens list

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  • Lexmark recycles paper into product-packaging

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  • Tonerpave: A Lexmark Innovation



Since 1991, Lexmark has been a recognized and lauded leader in imaging and output solutions that help people and organizations improve process and reduce their costs. Lexmark’s award winning imaging and output technology has continued to evolve as the world becomes more digital and connected.

Lexmark sells its products and services in more than 170 countries, and is a recognized global leader by many of the technology industry’s leading market analyst firms. Lexmark has also acquired and integrated several strategic software companies since 2010, further expanding the company’s breadth of offerings to include innovative software solutions.

Today the company competes in key growth markets that include managed print services, intelligent capture, enterprise content management, healthcare content management, financial process automation and enterprise search – all focused on helping Lexmark customers connect employees to the most relevant information at the moment they need it.



Current Sustainable Practices

Sustainability Management and Green Team 

  • Cross-functional Team with multiple Green Teams for managing sustainability initiatives. Approximately 15 individuals focus their work in three categories:
    • Products Sustainability
    • Environmental Health and Safety Compliance
    • Sustainability Messaging in the Customer Interface
  • Hosts an annual series of internal, non-mandatory workshops, summits, and lunch-and-learns to educate employees about sustainability issues
  • “Make it Happen” award that highlights employees’ sustainability efforts.

Energy Efficiency

  • Uses an internal energy portfolio manager called Facilities Engineer to manage local and global energy consumption.
  • Achieved a 42% reduction in energy usage since 2005, and continues to make efforts to reduce energy consumption annually.
  • Has replaced 75-100% of incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights in their facility and 25 – 50% replacement with LEDs.
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) Certified childcare facility.

Waste and Recycling

  • Recycling program in place with city collection, also recycles products on site such as ink cartridges, toner, some plastics, and metal.
  • Policy called “Lexmark at Work”, which is a global queue for printing. Printing does not take place without documents entering the queue, so items can be deleted as needed without printing.
  • Development of new product know as “Toner Pave”, a mixture of toner and recycled tires for parking areas. In July 2015, the first “Toner Pave” parking lot was installed in North America.

Water Quality/Conservation

  • Water efficient faucets and toilets in all restrooms.
  • Three rain gardens installed and maintained on property.


  • Incentives program for employees to use alternative transportation.
  • Parking spaces designated for hybrid vehicles and an EV charging station.
  • Bike racks installed to accommodate 220 employees.

Future Plans

  • Plans to establish a butterfly garden in 2016 through the employee advocate group LEAF.
  • LFUCG Stormwater Incentive Grant Recipient with plans to harvest rainwater through a five-acre capture system in late 2016.
  • Plands to install “Toner Pave” in onsite parking lot as part of storm water mitigation project.
  • Plans to pursue LEED certification in the future for entire facility.

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