LEX Center for Creative ReUse

Our mission


Our Creative Reuse center’s mission is to provide affordable materials for arts, crafts and upcycle projects to the community. We inspire creativity and demonstrate environmental sustainability while supporting local artists and educators.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We accept and process donations of useful materials from individuals and businesses that can be used in art and craft projects and creative upcycling. Lex Creative Reuse is a store where items can be purchased at a sliding scale with affordable prices by the general public.


Current Sustainable Practices

Below are the initiatives Lex Creative Reuse has completed on the Green Check scorecard.

Sustainability Management and the Green Team

  • Designate a Sustainability Coordinator or Green Team responsible for managing sustainability initiatives.

Awareness, Education, and Outreach

  • Include sustainability tips in a monthly newsletter.
  • Include a sustainability statement and training in all new hire materials.
  • Promote sustainability accomplishments in external marketing materials (website, social media, newsletter, press releases, TV/radio ads).
  • Create an annual green employee award to highlight employee sustainability efforts.
  • Host an environmental event at your location.
  • Sponsor an environmental booth at an existing community event.

Energy Efficiency

  • Establish a power-down policy and checklist that includes items such as shutting off lights at night.
  • Set water heater thermostats to a maximum of 120 degrees or install an inline water heater.
  • Replace incandescent or CFL lights with LED lights (51-75% replacement).
  • Establish a dress code that encourages employees to dress for thermal comfort.
  • Install power strips for computers and equipment to power down during non-business hours.
  • Install programmable thermostats and use them to adjust temperature during unoccupied hours.
  • Take measures to insulate HVAC system and ductwork to minimize heat loss.
  • Perform external lighting audit.
  • Daylight work spaces wherever possible.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Implement a basic recycling program.
  • Provide clearly marked recycling bins at work stations and/or in common areas. Recycling bins must be paired with a waste bin.
  • Train and require janitorial service or staff responsible for cleaning to segregate waste and recyclable materials.
  • Use reusable mugs and dishware instead of disposable plates, cups, and utensils.
  • Establish a policy for environmentally friendly printing such as two sided printing, reusing copy paper, and electronic document sharing.
  • Replace at least 50% of paper stock with post-consumer recycled paper.

Water Quality

  • Before washing parking lots, sweep debris/litter and do not use cleaners.

Transportation Efficiency

  • Establish and implement a no-idling policy.
  • Conduct a commuter or employee transportation survey.
  • Adopt a telecommuting option and make it available to employees.


  • Reducing waste and reusing materials is their entire mission! They are the only creative reuse center in Kentucky.
  • Since August 2022, about 28,000 pounds of material donated and diverted from the landfill.
  • Community education classes offered on a “pay what you can” sliding scale. The classes are planned around the types of material donated.
  • Featured an exhibit by Hannah Allen, a Lexington artist-in-residence, that highlighted a quilt made from fused plastic bags.

Member since 2023