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Welcome Incoming 2022 Green Check Members!

The seventh class of Green Check businesses has officially begun the certification process! These nine local businesses represent a variety of industries and have gone above and beyond in doing their part to make Lexington more sustainable. 

Hearing and Speech Center

Local nonprofit, The Hearing & Speech Center, has been working with children with hearing loss and/or speech/language impairments for over 50 years. They serve 70 Kentucky communities and have committed to Green Check certification in an effort to create a healer work environment for their employees and clients. 

“The Hearing and Speech Center is interested in creating a healthier work environment for our employees and our clients while making a lasting impact on the world around us. We have already taken steps to lesson our footprint where possible and would love to be a part of a bigger initiative. Being a positive influence on our community is very important to us, as is environmentally sustainability and well being. Becoming Green Check Certified would mean we have the resources to make a difference locally, and spread the word to our patrons all around the state of Kentucky.” – Preschool teacher, Jenna Roseman

Learn more about the Hearing and Speech Center at

Covington Fragrance Co.

Originating in Covington, Kentucky, the Covington Fragrance Company moved to Lexington in 2021. They offer hand poured vegan candles and other fragrance related items at Greyline Station’s Julietta Market. Their candle jar recycling program and compost safe packaging are just a couple of ways Covington Fragrance is making the local candle industry more sustainable. 

Learn more about Covington Fragrance Co. at

Bluegrass Death Doula

Bluegrass Death Doula provides death education, end of life planning and support, legacy project, living funeral, vigil planning, home funeral guidance, memorial projects, celebrant, and green funeral consultant services. They also offer green burial consultations and referrals. 

“Being ecologically friendly is a huge part of my business. There is very little awareness of how detrimental our current death practices are to the environment. Common funeral practices, like embalming or vaulting the casket, are largely unnecessary. There is an alternative to cremation with much lower carbon footprints. Bodies can even be composted to replenish the earth. One of the reasons I became a death doula is to open a green cemetery in Kentucky. I feel the Green Check Certification will add validity to the mission of my business while also giving me a platform to promote death practice reform.” – Owner, Lauren Hunter

Learn more about Bluegrass Death Doula at

Sayre School

Sayre School is an independent co-educational college preparatory day school serving students age two through twelfth grade. One of the benefits of the Green Check program that Sayre is looking forward to is connecting with other like minded business leaders. “We want to network with other businesses to generate ideas on how to continue progressing our sustainability program,” says Barb Milosch, Director of Communications.

Learn more about Sayre School at

Kids MaketIt Institute

Kids MakeIt is a space for educational and training opportunities for students to build skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The institute welcomes students from all walks of life and strives to help them “tackle the problems of the future, today”.  

“We facilitate ecological education and training for youth in the North End and beyond, with a foundational focus on S.T.E.A.M. exposure, environmental stewardship, and citizen-based water quality management practices. We know that when students are exposed early and intentionally to these concepts, students lead healthier, fulfilled lives. Healthy ecosystems start with specialized programming from qualified, diverse facilitators, organizations, and governments, amongst others. This is the opportunity to accomplish that mandate.” – Executive Co-Director, Jaria Gordon

Learn more about Kids MakeIt at

Lexington Children’s Theatre

Lexington Children’s Theatre is one of the oldest theaters for children in the country. Their long history of commitment to young people’s intellectual and cultural enrichment is now leading into their commitment to providing a sustainable future for our community’s children. 

“We are very interested in being a part of the solution and not contribute to the problem when it comes to the climate crisis that we are facing and we are eager to learn more ways to incorporate greener practices within all levels of the organization. As a company that works for and with young people we believe it is imperative to do all we can to improve the way we move through the world so that we can leave our young people with a brighter future.” – Operations Manager, Erin Thompson-McGuire

Learn more about Lexington Children’s Theatre at

Peer House

Peer House, LLC is an accounting and consulting firm that specializes in internal control improvements, peer-to-peer benchmarking, and forensic accounting. Learning more about waste reduction efforts and opportunities is a high priority for Peer House as they go through the Green Check certification process. 

Learn more about Peer House at

Lexington Pavement Sweep

Family owned and operated, Lexington Pavement Sweep (LPS) has provided sweeping and property maintenance services since 1993. While it is currently their busy season with a high demand for ice and snow treatment, LPS is prioritizing their efforts to become a greener business. 

“The type of company we are aligns exactly with what the Green Check Certified program and members stand for. Although we are a for profit company, LPS was started and continues to hold as its core founding principal, the desire to keep Central Kentucky as clean and beautiful as possible. Everyday, and at every property we maintain, we see the disregard some people have for their environment, both at the local level and nationally. We take pride in being on the front lines doing all we possibly can to keep our community cleaned of trash and other litter. Being a Green Check Certified company is something we would feel very proud of to show off, as its just another step in showing Lexington we will do all we can, and take part in organizations that help/educate us when we need it.” – Operations Manager, Rhys Blackerby

Learn more about Lexington Pavement Sweep at 

Nerd Babes Co.

Nerd Babes Co. is an Etsy shop that turns recycled bottles into custom centerpieces, tiki-torches, soy candles, planters, lamps and lighting. 

“My entire business is based around sustainability. I make home decor from recycled bottles – lamps, tiki torches, candles, etc. I use locally sourced sustainable wood for my lamps, work with local breweries to upcycle their cans/bottles into candles and use all gently used packaging materials to ship my items.” – Owner and CEO, Carrie Johnson

Learn more about Nerd Babes Co. at

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