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Here’s the cold, hard, creamy delicious truth: we’re obsessed with ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but the kind made from only the best local, all-natural ingredients. Ingredients like 100% Kentucky dairy from JD Country Milk and blackberries and strawberries from your neighbor’s farms.

Our sauces and waffle cones are made in house, from scratch (except the sprinkles and the gummy worms). And all our ice creams, except those that include baked goods, are also egg free and gluten free, and contain no artificial sweeteners or flavorings.

We do this because we know the highest quality ingredients make the best ice cream. Our ice cream and desserts are chef crafted—which is just a fancy way of saying we like to play with our food to create melt-in-your-mouth flavor combinations.  Did we mention we’re obsessed?


Current Sustainable Practices

Below are the initiatives Crank & Boom has completed on the Green Check scorecard.

Sustainability Management and Green Team

  • Has a designated sustainability coordinator to lead Crank & Boom’s green initiatives.
  • Currently posts information in kitchen area about recycling, FOG disposal, and other environmental issues and will continue to expand this in the future.

Awareness, Education, and Outreach

  • Provide a sustainability information board in a common area.
  • Includes a sustainability statement and training in all new hire materials.

Energy Efficiency

  • Water heater is set at a max of 120 degrees.
  • Has a filter maintenance program in place (every 3 weeks).
  • Programmable thermostat installed.
  • Use natural light sources as much as possible.
  • Established a power-down policy and checklist that includes items such as shutting off lights at night.
  • Established a regular filter maintenance policy for your HVAC system.
  • Established a dress code that encourages employees to dress for thermal comfort.
  • Insulated roof to control energy loss.
  • Takes measures to insulate HVAC system and duct work to minimize heat loss.

Waste and Recycling

  • Implements a basic recycling program.
  • Recycling bins placed throughout building for employees and customers.
  • Reusable dishware is available to employees.
  • Established a policy for environmentally friendly printing such as two-sided printing, reusing copy paper, and electronic document sharing.

Water Quality/Conservation

  • Recently replaced aged piping and infrastructure and conducted an assessment at that time regarding water usage.
  • Installed water efficient faucets throughout the building.
  • Uses 20% less water with water efficient toilets.
  • Established a policy for proper disposal of fats, oils, and grease, distribute to staff, and post in key areas.

Urban Forestry and Landscapes

  • Removed all invasive species from property.

Sustainable Purchasing

  • Established a policy to purchase non-Styrofoam cups and plates for use at the workplace or at events.
  • Established a policy for purchasing locally, if available.


  • Installed a bike rack for employees and customers.
  • Implements a no-idling policy.

Future Plans

  • Invested in compostable materials and plans to work with the Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council and other partners to advocate for city wide composting program.
  • Considering working with Bluegrass Greensource to stencil storm drains.
  • Interested in planting on site pollinator and rain gardens.

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