What is the process for becoming Green Check Certified?


  1. Bluegrass Greensource will work with you at your convenience to set up a personal sustainability consultation to review your current sustainable initiatives and complete the Green Check Sustainability Scorecard.

  2. Upon completion of the Green Check Scorecard, you will receive a report that details your current sustainability efforts, establishes a baseline sustainability score, and identifies potential areas for improvement.

  3. After highlighting opportunities for improvements, Bluegrass Greensource will assist your business or organization in developing new strategies to address current shortcomings and expand upon areas in which your organization already excels.

  4. Bluegrass Greensource will check in throughout the year to review your organization’s progress, offer advice, and assist in the implementation process of your sustainability strategies.

  5. As you complete new initiatives, let us know and we will update your scorecard to provide an evolving picture of your progress as you move towards the ultimate goal of becoming Green Check Certified.

  6. Although basic membership has its perks, in order to realize the full benefits of the Green Check Program, members are highly encouraged to continue to expand their sustainable initiatives and strive to reach the Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership Tiers.

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