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Meg C Jewelry Gallery is your destination for handmade, whimsical and contemporary, though timeless, jewelry. We offer custom design and ready-made lines, the majority of which are made in house. We strive to create environmentally and socially conscious jewelry that will make you smile.


Current Sustainable Practices

Below are the initiatives Meg C Gallery has completed on the Green Check scorecard.

Sustainability Management and the Green Team

  • Developed a written Comprehensive Sustainability Plan.
  • Designated a Sustainability Coordinator responsible for managing sustainability initiatives.
  • Holds quarterly Green Team meetings.
  • Provides time for quarterly updates from Sustainability Coordinator in staff meetings.

Awareness, Education, and Outreach

  • Includes sustainability tips in a monthly newsletter.
  • Provides a sustainability information board in a common area such as a break room or kitchen.
  • Includes a sustainability statement and training in all new hire materials.
  • Hosts annual trainings or workshops to educate employees about sustainability issues, policies and procedures.
  • Promotes sustainability accomplishments in external marketing materials (website, social media, newsletter, press releases, TV/radio ads).
  • Hosts an environmental event at your location.
  • Attend sustainability workshop.

Energy Efficiency

  • Established a power-down policy and checklist that includes items such as shutting off lights at night.
  • Replaced incandescent or CFL lights with LED lights 76-100% replacement.
  • Established a policy for purchasing that requires Energy Star rated appliances and electronics.
  • Established a dress code that encourages employees to dress for thermal comfort.
  • Installed power strips for computers and equipment to power down during non-business hours.
  • Installed programmable thermostats and use them to adjust temperature during unoccupied hours.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Implements a basic recycling program.
  • Provides clearly marked recycling bins at work stations and/or in common areas.
  • Train and require staff responsible for cleaning to segregate waste and recyclable materials.
  • Uses reusable mugs and dish ware instead of disposable plates, cups, and utensils.
  • Established a policy for environmentally friendly printing such as two sided printing, reusing copy paper, and electronic document sharing.
  • Replaced at least 50% of paper stock with post-consumer recycled paper.
  • Participated in a zero-waste event.

Water Quality and Conservation

  • Established a policy for purchase of high efficiency (i.e. WaterSense) rated fixtures and appliances.
  • Posted information in restrooms about proper disposal of flushable wipes and other items.
  • Established a policy for proper hazardous waste and chemical disposal.

Sustainable Purchasing

  • Established a policy for reducing the toxic chemicals/materials in your workplace.
  • Established a policy to purchase non-Styrofoam cups and plates for use at the workplace or at events.
  • Established a policy for purchasing locally, if available.
  • Established a policy for purchasing environmentally-friendly cleaning products.
  • Established a policy to purchase/lease EPA SmartWay Certified fuel efficient vehicles

Transportation Efficiency

  • Established and implement a no-idling policy.
  • Installed weather-protected bike storage (indoor or outdoor).

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