Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington

We are a free, liberal, progressive church, open to all persons. We welcome all without regard to race, creed, age, economic status, physical ability, gender expression, or sexual orientation. These are some of the categories that have divided, rather than united, people of faith. We do not require that you believe the same as we; indeed, here you will find many different paths.

We live our Unitarian Universalist values by acting for human dignity, equality and environmental justice for all creatures.


Current Sustainable Practices

Below are the initiatives Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington has completed on the Green Check scorecard.

Energy Efficiency

  • Replaced 51-75% of incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).
  • Has HVAC system evaluated every 2 years.
  • Installed programmable thermostats to adjust temperature during unoccupied hours.

Waste and Recycling

  • Trains and requires janitorial service/staff responsible for cleaning to segregate waste and recyclable materials.
  • Uses reusable mugs and dishware instead of disposable places, cups, and utensils.

Water Quality/Conservation

  • Installed outdoor ash tray to prevent cigarette litter.
  • Coordinated a community litter cleanup.

Urban Forestry and Landscapes

  • Removed all invasive species from property.
  • Established a native species-only plant replacement policy for tree and shrub planting.
  • Planted a rain garden.


  • Provides weather protected bike storage for employees.
  • Placed bike storage closer than any other designated parking spot.
  • Adopted a telecommuting option for employees.


  • Installed multiple solar panels on site.

Future Plans

  • Become SITES certified.
  • Implement zero waste to landfill.
  • Install a permeable parking lot.
  • Assess building envelope and address any leaks.

Member since 2018

Recertified 2021