Wellward Regenerative Medicine

Wellward is more than a clinic – it’s a movement to reclaim health. Traditional medicine is often overly focused on treating symptoms rather than causes. This can lead to avoidable surgeries or prescribing medication upon more medication….and more medication to combat the side effects of the medication. At Wellward, we believe bodies were built to heal. Pain is simply a reflection of the body’s efforts to fix itself. When pain persists, something has gone awry with that process. Numbing pain and neglecting injury is a short-sighted solution. Wellward finds and treats the root cause of pain. We take the latest scientific breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine and personally tailor it to your body to maximize healing potential. This organic approach leads to sustainable solutions. Wellward takes healing beyond medicine.


Current Sustainable Practices

Sustainability Management and the Green Team

  • Designate a Sustainability Coordinator or Green Team responsible for managing sustainability initiatives.
  • Hold quarterly Green Team meetings.

Awareness, Education, and Outreach

  • Host an environmental event at your location.

Energy Efficiency

  • Establish a power-down policy and checklist that includes items such as shutting off lights at night.
  • Replace incandescent or CFL lights with LED lights 25-50% replacement.
  • Establish a regular filter maintenance policy for your HVAC system.
  • Have your HVAC system evaluated every 2 years by a certified service provider.
  • Establish a dress code that encourages employees to dress for thermal comfort.
  • Install power strips for computers and equipment to power down during non-business hours.
  • Install programmable thermostats and use them to adjust temperature during unoccupied hours.
  • Install occupancy sensors in bathrooms, meeting room, and other infrequently used areas.
  • Insulate roof to control energy loss.
  • Take measures to insulate HVAC system and ductwork to minimize heat loss.
  • Daylight work spaces whenever possible.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Use reusable mugs and dishware instead of disposable plates, cups, and utensils.
  • Establish a policy for environmentally friendly printing such as two-sided printing, reusing copy paper, and electronic document sharing.

Water Conservation

  • Install water efficient faucets in all of the restrooms.
  • Install water efficient toilets in all of the restrooms.

Water Quality

  • Establish a policy for proper hazardous waste and chemical disposal.
  • Perform a stormwater pollution survey on your property with BGGS staff or other qualified professional.
  • Establish preventative maintenance program for sanitary sewer lateral lines on your property.
  • Install outdoor ash trays to prevent cigarette litter, and make pocket ash trays available to staff who smoke.

Sustainable Purchasing

  • Establish a policy for purchasing locally, if available.

Transportation Efficiency

  • Adopt a telecommuting option and make it available to employees.
  • Install a bike rack with sufficient space for at least 10% of your employees.
  • Place bicycle storage closer than any other designated parking spot.

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