Green Check Business Tour: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Green Check Business Tour: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Last week, Green Check businesses were given the opportunity to tour Lexington’s Town Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant.

As one of the first sewage treatment plants in the United States, Town Branch opened in 1919 and has grown to treat approximately 60 percent of Lexington’s wastewater. According to LFUCG’s website, “the plant is designed for a flow of 30 million gallons daily but can treat a maximum daily flow of 64 million gallons.”

Attendees were able to see the wastewater at all stages of the treatment process. The beginning stages are usually the most memorable for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to the many out of place items that are flushed every day. The machine that filters these items is a museum of wipes, paper towels, dental floss, random plastic items, and more.

After visiting the lab, one Green Check business leader asked how the plant treats the cleaning chemicals that make it down the pipes. The answer: they don’t. The chemicals become diluted in the treatment process and remain in the water. This exchange was an important reminder for businesses and individuals to commit to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

By the end of the tour, attendees were able to see the clean, finished product that is released back into our local streams. This water has been filtered and treated to the point that fish are able to healthily live at the bottom of the outfall.

Below are some tips on how you and/or your business can improve water quality through your sanitary sewer lines:

  • Begin preventative maintenance on property for sanitary sewer lateral lines.
  • Practice pollution prevention techniques at your business or apartment complex.
  • Include pollution prevention information in newsletters and/or distribute to staff, residents, clients and/or employees.
  • Schedule pick­up day for household hazardous waste, appliances, and electronics for staff, residents, clients, and/or employees.

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