Green Check Businesses Tour Solar Farm

Green Check Businesses Tour Solar Farm

Last week, Green Check-certified businesses had the opportunity to go on an exclusive tour of East Kentucky Power Cooperative’s new Solar Farm. This was the Green Check program’s first opportunity for in-depth learning about renewable energy sources, and many of the attendees wanted to learn more about the logistics of the farm and what options are available for their business.

As Kentucky’s largest solar farm, the 60-acre facility is clearly visible along I-64 between Lexington and Winchester. With 32,300 panels, the farm can produce up to 8,500 kilowatts. That is enough electricity to power 1,000 homes! Most of the farm consists of stationary panels that never move, while one corner of the farm houses two sections of pivoting panels that adjust to the sun’s motion in order to optimize exposure.

Large solar arrays can have a major impact on their micro-ecosystems. Because of this, East Kentucky Power Cooperative has prioritized maintaining the natural ecosystems that were present on the land since prior to development. The farm pond and natural wetlands have been maintained and still house their natural residents. Additionally, new sustainable landscaping features have been added post installation, including multiple beehives and an impressive pollinator condo.

In the future, the Green Check program will provide more free, exclusive opportunities for certified businesses. If you or your business would like to take part in events like the Solar Tour, consider applying for certification now. Applications are open through Friday, November 2nd at


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