Town Branch Tree Experts: Go For Gold

Town Branch Tree Experts: Go For Gold

As the new class of Green Check businesses near the final months of completing their scorecard initiatives, many must decide which initiatives to focus on in order to reach their desired Green Check certification level. Obtaining certification on the member level is no small task –businesses must reach at least a 30% with all required items, and the requirements for each additional level only intensify. there is something to say for businesses who push to expand their sustainability initiatives beyond their initial goals. To date, Green Check has 10 Member Level businesses, five Bronze, three Silver, and only one Gold.

Around this time last year, Town Branch Tree Experts was working hard to reach their goal of becoming Green Check’s first ever Gold Level business. As a small, local, full-service tree company, Town Branch Tree Experts stress the importance of environmental stewardship in all that they do. It was only natural that they formalize their practices and work to expand their green initiatives through the Green Check program. This required a great deal of planning at the start of their certification process and quite a bit of time implementing some of their larger initiatives, such as a rain garden, green wall, and multiple energy efficiency projects. They also made it a point to complete as many of the “low hanging fruit” initiatives at possible, including organizing a storm drain stenciling and conducting energy and waste audits.

CEO Sara Hesley said, “As a Green Check Certified company, we recognize the importance of establishing procedures and policies to streamline and fulfill our mission of environmental responsibility. It has allowed us to extend and formalize these commitments throughout everything we do as a company. Attaining Gold Status was very important to us because it sets the bar at the highest level and reiterates the importance of our philosophy of environmentally responsibility.”

Green Check certification can be achieved regardless of business size, industry, or budget. All that is needed for program completion is a willingness to asses current sustainability practices and implement new initiatives!

To learn more about Town Branch Tree Experts and the services they provide, please check out their website at If you are interested in learning more about the Green Check program and how your business can receive recognition for your efforts to increase sustainability, check out, or contact Noel Osborn at


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