Broomwagon – A Leader in Waste Reduction

Broomwagon – A Leader in Waste Reduction

Green Check recently held its annual recognition ceremony to honor newly certified members.  One of the newest members, Broomwagon Coffee + Bikes, has gone above and beyond in the area of waste reduction and recycling.

A basic recycling program is required of all Green Check businesses.  However, Broomwagon has always looked for ways to reuse as many materials as possible. Take for example their outdoor seating area.  Along with picnic tables and a sustainability staple rain barrel, patrons may notice the garden that grows several ingredients used for delicious menu items. These garden boxes and baseboards are constructed using recycled wood.  Broomwagon also uses recycled wood for kitchen and store shelving.  Additionally, the cases and furniture used to display items for sale are reused pieces. And of course, they recycle bicycle materials such as scrap metal and rubber tires.

For more information on Broomwagon and their leadership in sustainability check out the Green Check website here.


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